Good Health Outcomes Platform

Empower patients. Improve the care. Reduce the costs.

Parallax has created the World's only remote patient care technology platform with patented data driven outcomes, integrated applied behavioral analytics and true cognitive artificial intelligence.  Our industry first technology solves one of largest problems through the reduction, the non-adherence to medical regimens. Medical adherence is a $500 Billion Dollar problem in the U.S. alone.


Good Health Outcomes Platform Advantages

  • Connect to ANY physician approved device with Parallax's FotoDigm technology

  • Connect securely to any Bluetooth enabled device or data system

  • Patented Data Driven Outcomes technology- goal obtainment, goal mastery, and behavioral interventions

  • Certified behavioral call center an Industry first

  • True cognitive artificial intelligence for decision support, patient empowerment and targeted care customization

  • Fully ubiquitous connectivity and systems integration with EHR, EMR, Health Vault, and data systems


Parallax Care and FotoDigm works with legacy systems for Reliable Evidence Based Outcomes Optimized Technology (REBOOT). This decisions to be made from patient data optimizing patient outcomes.

Who is Parallax working with? 

Parallax Care for Doctors

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Hospital Readmission Reduction Solution

Proven Hospital Readmission Reduction

Proven Hospital Readmission Reduction

Parallax Care for Nursing

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Our Process - Superior Systems Integration


Our Process


We Listen

We confirm, We understand

Parallax provides a platform that is customized and that can deliver its capabilities to customized mobile applications. Our advanced team works with our customers to establish a final scope of work and we set clear objectives and initiatives behind each and every detail of your remote patient care program

We deliver the most advanced, elegant and complete solution

Parallax’s technology stack of patented and advanced behavioral, data driven outcomes, and cognitive AI give it the ability to perform a delivery and execution that no other company can offer.

We deliver the hardware and software necessary to get the remote patient care completed over any duration

  • Integrates with all systems
  • Remote Patient Care Video Enabled for Real-Time Care
  • Video, Audio & Image - Behavioral Call Center
  • Connect Securely to Any FDA Approved
  • Patented Infrastructure
  • Easiest to use platform on the market

We stay on it.

We stay on it and we mine data in a form and fashion that informs, alerts and reports on-demand or in the intervals of your choosing. We are a data driven outcome company and our use of modern technologies enables us to inform and create ever green and blossoming data resources and strategies. Our World Class team of support professional for all aspects of your project and remain with you at your beaconed call.


Compass mobile is a platform enabled by parallax care outcomes optimization platform. This industry first technologies and capabilities is the first remote patient care platform to incorporate incorporated behavioral analytics, data driven outcomes and cognitive artificial intelligence, all for better patient health care.
The Compass Mobile platform enabled by Parallax Care Outcomes optimization platform of industry first technologies and capabilities is the first remote patient care platform to incorporate applied behavioral analytics, data driven outcomes and cognitive artificial intelligence.”
— Dr. Dan Ranieri, CEO La Frontera Community Solutions

Compass Applications for Remote Patient Care

Chronic Disease

The #1 Problem in the World

Good Health Outcomes is The Ultimate Solution to efficient healthcare through Applied Behavioral Analytics. Good Health Outcomes Platform is the ultimate solution to remote patient care.

+ Collect Data from Any Device. Patented FotoDigm® with Data Driven Outcomes.

+ Goal Obtainment and Mastery for any Measurable Goal.

+ Patented Data Driven Outcomes

+ Intrinsic Code™ Applied Behavioral Analytics in our Compass Connected Care Mobile Application with Artificial intelligence add on available nowhere else.

Connected Health

Compass Connected Health

Compass Mobile applications began with our initial development within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) space. The underlying capabilities of which where aided through development by the inventors of Reliable, Evidence Based, Outcomes Optimization, Technologies (R.E.B.O.O.T.), Dr. Lisa Marshall and former Chief Executive of Grafton Integrated Health Network, Mr. James Gaynor.

+ The method now infused with Parallax Diagnostics the patented and game changing diagnostic platform.

+ Now known as Intrinsic Code is embedded in every Compass Application and its purpose is to aid any human through applied behavioral analytics and patented Parallax technology to achieve any measurable goal.

+ Good Health Outcomes has emerged as the leading platform with the feature depth, true and proven innovation and new standard within the mobile age of connected care.

Healthy & At Risk

Healthy & At Risk

Compass Mobile Health delivers a Quality of Life and Peace of Mind® that no other platform can provide. Our FotoDigm® data capture and patented Intrinsic Code™ make Compass Connected Care from Good Health Outcomes the new leader in Remote Patient Care on a global basis.

Remote patient care can provide patients, their care providers and their families or care community can use Parallax Care Outcomes Platform to;

+ Empower the Patient

+ Improve the Care

+ Reduce the Costs

Compass Connected Care Mobile Applications Exclusively from: Good Health Outcomes.