Chronic Disease Management

A huge problem. 



THE SOLUTION; Good Health Outcomes


Good Health Outcomes Platform

We offer solutions for but are not limited to;

  • Addiction

  • Asthma

  • Autism

  • COPD

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Disease

Our solutions provide an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application for end-users.  We have developed a platform that continually engages patients, promotes behavioral shift to wellness, and enables timely interventions through our patented Intrinsic Code with data driven outcomes and artificial intelligence powered alerts.  Our system has been proven over time and trial and we've made constant improvements and integrations for effective utilization of our platform in the use of chronic disease management.

Parallax's systems integration approach enables integrated health system and payer portal strategies with connected, engaged patients. The empowerment of patients to manage their conditions at home with their doctors, with secure and immediate access to comprehensive information when and where it is needed — through the patient’s preferred method. Effective reach of care management teams extends episodic care into proactive. Our patented data driven outcomes platform will enable timely interventions.


The Value

Continual Care reduces costs, improves outcomes, and satisfies patients.

Leverage a virtual platform for payer and provider collaboration with an intuitive interface that assesses patient status and provides a consistent, disciplined program for monitoring patient care. Provide actionable insights to clinical staff for timely care interventions. Automate clinical best practices to educate patients helping them adhere to their care plans. Meet shared value-based and cost of care goals. Optimize clinician workflow and improve staff productivity. Deliver responsive, continual, person cent care that makes patients feel genuinely cared about—and increases their sense of well-being, empowerment, and loyalty to their care providers.

Ineffective and untimely patient management across the care continuum results in less than optimum patient outcomes – and unplanned acute care utilization. Continual care technologies track and monitor patients across care settings — and bridge gaps in time, distance, and communication to transform patient care. 

Compass mobile applications

Chronic diseases affect half of the population. Further, having one or more conditions is becoming the norm. The healthcare system is not equipped to deal with the overwhelming increase in demand for services triggered from the silver tsunami and the aging of the baby boom generation.  The specialized medicine and complications from pharmaceutical and payer issues make mobile applications more and more useful. Compass applications are designed to provide a compete solution and are supported by our industry first Fotodigm, Data Driven Outcomes Intrinsic Code and Cognitive AI solutions. 

Compass Mobile Applications

Compass Mobile Applications

White label solutions

White label solutions

Customized Solutions 

For doctors, nurses and patients Parallax Health Management is your resource for systems integration services. 

We develop complete solutions and mobile applications that can be downloaded from Apple's iOS Store, Google's Android and Windows applications stores. 

API connections can enable and connect to your existing EHR, EMR, cloud or mobile application. Licensing and development resources are available through Parallax Health Management to insure your health initiatives success.