Parrallax Care Compass Mobile Applications 

Parrallax Care Compass Mobile Applications 

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Compass ASD Mobile Ap

Compass ASD Mobile Ap

Compass Mobile applications began with our initial development within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) space. The underlying capabilities of which where guided in development by the inventors of the Intrinsic Code, Dr. Lisa Marshall and James Gaynor of Grafton Integrated Health Network in Virginia.  The method patented by Parallax harnesses their foundation work in the applied behavioral analytics field. The intrinsic Code is embedded in every Compass Application and its purpose is to change human behavior to achieve any measurable goal. 

Complete systems integration

Complete Systems Integration from Parallax

Complete Systems Integration from Parallax

Later, the Intrinsic code was altered to become more comprehensive and to look at both mental and physical health attributes. 

The Parallax Care Outcomes Platform was born.  The focus of the platform was to combine the Intrinsic Code with FotoDigm data capture and other AI and technology resources.  

A thin client solution was created known a Compass Mobile to allow the platform to generate mobile applications for any use case that provide a robust consumer environment to achieve all data capture, secure & encrypted transmission and reporting required for any use application. 

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Develop your own solutions and use your own brand. 


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Leverage the Parallax Care Outcomes Platform (PCOP)

  • Patented Data Driven Outcomes
  • Cognitive Artificial Intelligence
  • Intrinsic Code
  • Patented FotoDigm Data Collection