Healthy & At-Risk Patients

At-Risk patients account for the majority of your patient population. Many of these patients may be considered healthy, but require basic engagement, including reminders and tracking of basic health activities to assure that they remain on the right path.

Web Access and Health Reminders

  • A web application accessible from any desktop or mobile browser
  • Easily activated on large scale, initiated with email or text message
  • Intuitively simple navigation, including the elderly
  • Designed for follow up to care and build loyalty to your brand

Convenient Access to Health Information

  • Intuitive data collection, via any browser
  • Customizable care plans and health surveys
  • Optional video conferencing for virtual visits and reimbursement

Technology backed up by people who care and know behavioral health

Our call center in Tempe, Arizona houses a team of individuals who know behavioral health. For any goal obtainment or mastery requirement our call center provides the key insights to success and are equipped with our FotoDigm data capture, real-time video conferencing and our patented Intrinsic Code decision support.  



The FotoDigm data capture utility enables any device to be registered and the data extracted for measurement and use within the Parallax Care Outcomes Platform (PCOP).  The technology enables a full suite of management and administrator functions. Our patented goal obtainment and mastery software enables the creation and measurement of any data driven goal.  


Population Management at your fingertips

Our scale and patented architecture is designed for safety, security and ease of use. Our Compass Mobile applications enable robust decision making capabilities and can be tailored for any use case. 

For healthy but as risk patients Parallax Care's platform enables a quality of life and peace of mind by monitoring key indicators and trends in one's health. The crucial and special capability of the platform is its intrinsic ability to intervene.