Parallax is focused primarily on serving the multi-billion outpatient Infectious Disease testing market with a platform that combines reference laboratory quality, real time results in the doctor's office and a menu of most commonly ordered tests. Reference labs do not have the infrastructure to cost effectively provide immediate results to physicians. Alternative Point of Care (POC) products are limited in scope, too expensive or too complex for wide-scale adoption. The Parallax system, however, is a technology-enabled system to improve patient outcome and improve physician office efficiency. As compared to reference labs or POC alternatives, Parallax Target System can deliver a combination of benefits not possible in any other solution.

The Parallax Point of Care Target System diagnostic system has a unique, Micro-Flow enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology that when applied to critical diagnostic tests can transform the way global healthcare is provided. This technology allows Parallax to put a large number of reference lab quality diagnostic tests in the hands of global healthcare providers in the locations where they care for their patients. The Company is focused on tests that detect or monitor infectious diseases. Reference lab quality, real time, easy to use, and low cost diagnostic testing lets physicians treat their patients in one visit. Parallax’s Target System will improve patient care and physician practice efficiency.

Parallax Target System Platform will unlock the potential of POC testing. This USPTO and International Patent Pending technology and process platform has the potential to transform global healthcare by providing a completely integrated solution that puts critical infectious disease diagnostic testing in the hands of the healthcare provider in real time. The results will dramatically improve patient care and physician practice efficiency.