$17B USD

Big Problem


Parallax solved it. 

Data Driven Outcomes.

Cognitive AI. 

Wellness Revolution. 






Parallax Care has been developed to advance proven connected care systems that have a proven efficacy and tenure in the market. 

Our Parallax Care Compass for hospital readmissions reduction and management is part of our compass mobile applications and is a care coordination service that takes into account the complexities and customized nature of our services include revolutionary decision support, behavioral health certified call center and fully integrated mobile platform that connects with your patients and enables a successful and fully verified discharge process. 




The difference between Parallax and the others is that our patented solutions have created proven results across crucial functions of remote patient care. 

2017 Efficacy Pilot for one of the largest Healthcare Systems in the U.S. 

2017 Window to Home Pilot 

The future is bright

The future includes the use of cognitive AI and the advancement of our patented data driven outcomes platform.